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Compliance is the state of the art.

Compliance is the establishment of systematic organisational internal structures that ensure that you comply as far as possible with the legal provisions relevant to your company.

What is meant by compliance?

Compliance does not only come in the form of anti-corruption regulations, but is as diverse as your company. Compliance can concern e.g. the areas of tax, computer / IT, environment, labour law, data protection, capital market, product liability, antitrust law, and so on. Above all, however, it plays more than an inconsiderable role in real estate law through the area of money laundering prevention. Key words in compliance are transparency, documentation, auditing, uniform and clear guidelines. Compliance should also benefit you. It helps to prevent or minimise damage to your company, e.g. economic damage, damage compensation, void contracts, penalties, association fines, costs of proceedings, damage to your image, “clean-up work”, etc. The capital market is also paying increasing attention to compliance. Due diligence audits are made easier and cheaper with good compliance – your company value higher!

"People are always as moral as the structures they live in allow them to be."

Norbert Bolz

What is compliance?

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