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Resolving conflicts without the court.

By means of mediation, conflicts can be solved in an extrajudicial, structured procedure in various areas (e.g. family mediation, business mediation). It can lead to economically sensible solutions where everyone can look each other in the eye again.

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The mediator leads the talks as an impartial third party and regulates the framework and process of the mediation. Of course, a mediator is bound to secrecy.

The parties to a mediation process work out optimal solutions together and on their own accord, which is why these are also particularly well accepted and sustainably implemented by all parties. This is the best basis for re-establishing a constructive climate for discussion.

Thanks to my mediation training, I can support you as a mediator in conflict resolution. If I have already assisted you as a party representative or advisor in my capacity as a lawyer, I am not allowed to act as a mediator. In this case, however, I can warmly recommend colleagues from my network.

"Mediation is a small key that can open big gates."

Bernhard Böhm

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