Residence permits,
citizenship and other foreigners’ law matters.

Foreigners' law

We overcome the legal hurdles.

Hotly contested, wildly disputed, there you lie, on this piece of earth, in the midst of it all…

The central location of Austria with Vienna as the allegedly most liveable city in the world makes us a centre of attraction and longing for many foreign citizens.

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The bureaucracy, language barriers, cultural misunderstandings
and strict, constantly changing laws often do not make it easy for foreigners. We can help you overcome the legal hurdles to gain a foothold in Austria. We help with the issuing of residence permits, for example,
the acquisition of citizenship and other foreigners’ law matters.

"Where right becomes wrong, resistance becomes duty, but obedience becomes crime!"

Papst Leo XIII

What does Foreigners' Law entail?

Foreigner’s Law regulates on the one hand, through the Aliens Police Act (FPG), the monitoring of entry and exit, measures terminating residence as well as the visa regime for stays of up to six months and, through the Settlement and Residence Act (NAG), temporary residence and settlement beyond the duration of six months.

We support you before the authorities if you want to establish a new residence in Austria or you need help with the extension of your previous residence title. In the same way, we advise you on a change of purpose application under residence law so that your wishes and needs and also any changes in your living circumstances can be addressed in the best possible way.

Specifically with regard to obtaining Austrian citizenship, a certain type of residence permit is a basic prerequisite for obtaining it.

If, for whatever reason, the authorities decide to terminate your residence permit because you have been accused of violating the legal entry requirements or have been unlawfully denied further residence, we will be happy to help you enforce your rights so that your legal residence in Austria can be maintained or re-established for as long as possible. This includes (appeal) proceedings before authorities as well as courts.

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We help you to overcome the legal hurdles.

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