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Insurance law

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Few people like to deal with death. Nevertheless, it is useful and reassuring to know that you have made provisions for the worst case scenario in the interest of your relatives.

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We have been advising national and international insurance companies as well as private companies/individuals for years in order to successfully handle claims for them and to represent them in court in case of failure of out-of-court settlement talks in order to enforce their claims or to ward off unjustified claims.

We help you to make timely and comprehensive provisions.

Das Versicherungsrecht wird oft zu Unrecht als langweiliges Rechtsgebiet angesehen, denn es ist in Wirklichkeit ein sehr interessantes und vielschichtiges Fachgebiet. Insurance plays a very important role in almost every situation in a person’s life, because in the event of damage, financial protection is provided for the injured party and most companies as well as private individuals have taken out one or more insurance policies on the basis of this (e.g. homeowner’s insurance, liability insurance for the self-employed and commercial enterprises, motor vehicle insurance, etc.). In the event of a claim, the relevant questions include whether an insurance contract has been concluded and whether the insurance company is obliged to pay the claim. To be able to answer this question, expertise is required.

"Insurance is an ingenious modern game of chance in which the gambler may indulge in the pleasant conviction of beating the man who holds the bank."

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce

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