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Dr. Reinhard Mikula, LL.M.


Overview and experience

Dr. Reinhard Mikula, LL.M.

My meticulous approach and analytical thinking are indispensable qualities in the audit of companies and the related assessment of risks in the course of an imminent company acquisition.

Curriculum vitae

I completed my law studies and my court year in Vienna. Afterwards, with great commitment and ambition, I wrote my dissertation alongside my work as a trainee lawyer and successfully completed postgraduate studies in information law.

Since my bar exam in 2007, I have been working as a permanent substitute at Jeannée Rechtsanwalt GmbH.

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The key to success

Main focus

I am the litigator at JMP Attorneys at Law. Having always hated losing – mostly in sports in the past – I am the right person to “step into the ring” for you and achieve the best outcome in contentious situations. Through legal know-how, tactical approach and quick grasp of situations, I ensure your success in court.

Very few clients like to argue. Therefore, it is a personal concern of mine to relieve you of this burden.

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