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Corporate and company law

We are the legal companion of your company

We create a legally secure basis for your company, which includes liability and contract design as well as brand protection, compliance guidelines and general terms and conditions. Thanks to our many years of experience in corporate and commercial law, we are also able to consider associative legal issues and process assignments quickly and comprehensively.

We are happy to advise you.

Many passionate entrepreneurs put a lot of heart and soul into building and running their business over a long period of time. To ensure that success does not fail due to legal mistakes, preventive protection and ongoing legal support are essential.

It is precisely when a company is founded that the course is set for the future and it is important – especially when several people are involved – to weigh up the respective contributions of ideas, labour and capital accordingly and to define rights and obligations.

In day-to-day business, a reliable partner in legal matters makes your everyday life easier, gives you security in decision-making and keeps your back free for your business activities.

"An enterprise is not a state of being, but a process."

Ludwig Bölkow

We are the legal companions of your company.

Our goal is to proactively support you in your everyday business life. This means that we not only solve acute problems for you, but also help you to avoid them.

We create a legally secure basis for your company, which includes liability and contract design as well as brand protection, compliance guidelines and general terms and conditions. Durch unsere langjährige Erfahrung im Unternehmens- und Wirtschaftsrecht können wir auch assoziative Rechtsthemen mitbedenken und Aufträge rasch und umfassend bearbeiten.

If necessary, we ensure the successful enforcement of your claims before courts and authorities, with debtors and shareholders.

Do you want to establish a partnership (e.g. general partnership, limited partnership) or a corporation (GmbH or AG)? We support you in finding the appropriate legal form even before the company is founded. We draft tailor-made partnership agreements, syndicate agreements, option agreements, managing director agreements and by-laws.


Ongoing business operations, company acquisition and restructuring

We prepare shareholders’ meetings or general meetings with you, take care of company register matters, carry out capital increases or capital reductions. We specialise in the acquisition and sale of companies, including due diligence, as well as in restructuring and reorganisations (e.g. mergers, contributions, demergers).

Jeannée Mikula & Partner Attorneys at Law support you from the formation to the dissolution and liquidation of the company. Last but not least, you should also arrange the succession of your company at an early stage. A successful company should be secured in its existence and not be endangered by unsuitable successors. Contradictions between succession rules under company law and inheritance law must be avoided in order to prevent legal uncertainty and disputes.

Liquidation or company succession

Young Entrepreneur Checklist

The following checklist for young entrepreneurs deals with basic questions and issues when setting up a business.

Checklist business liquidation for sole traders

Our checklist for the business liquidation of sole traders briefly explains the important steps to be taken in the course of the liquidation of a sole trader’s business.

Liquidation checklist

Which steps are necessary to liquidate a GmbH? Our checklist gives you an overview. Liquidation checklist

The emergency kit

These checklists help to make provisions in the event of a person’s unforeseen inability to act, be it due to illness, an accident or even death. The emergency kit

We are also happy to be your legal companion

Legal representation is a matter of trust. At an initial personal meeting, you can convince yourself of our competence and find out about your legal options as well as the costs likely to be incurred.

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