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Criminal and commercial criminal law

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Constantly changing economic conditions and high liability responsibilities pose great challenges, especially for managers in business life.

Commercial criminal law

The defence in white-collar criminal cases requires an understanding of economic contexts. In preliminary proceedings, the authorities – for a variety of reasons – often lack a view of the bigger picture. Here it is part of our task to prepare the facts for you in an understandable way.
However, it is also our task to provide you with a clear and direct assessment of the factual and legal situation.
In any case, it is important to take the right strategic steps at all times and to be prepared for all eventualities. If coercive measures (e.g. house searches) are in the pipeline or have already been taken, your procedural rights must be protected. We also advise you when assets have been seized. If pre-trial detention has been imposed, we work at full speed to convince the authorities of the need to release the prisoner, if necessary also to force them to do so by means of appropriate legal remedies.
If a main hearing is unavoidable, we will prepare you comprehensively for the trial. In the process, we represent your interests through skilful negotiation and clear communication.

Criminal law

In life, situations occasionally arise that are subject to criminal investigation by the authorities for a variety of reasons. We defend in all judicial criminal cases, including violent offences, property offences and drug offences. In addition to the legal assessment of the facts, we advise you on communicating with the authorities. We accompany you to police hearings and, if necessary, prepare your written statement.

If the conditions for a diversion (probationary period, reconciliation of offences, etc.) are met, we will support you in averting court proceedings and in completing the investigations through diversion.

Once a criminal complaint or indictment has been filed, we support you in preparing for trial. In the main hearing, we represent your legal position and safeguard your procedural rights.

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