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An area of law that affects (almost) everyone: marriage, partnership, divorce, children, maintenance, custody. The important things in life that really determine happiness and unhappiness often cannot be measured in money. This is precisely why here, you have to be able to rely on the experience of experts. Our team handles numerous family law cases every year and brings legal know-how, fighting spirit, but also empathy in equal measure.

JMP Attorneys at Law is your legal counsel for better or for worse.

In no other area of life are contracts so often entered into with so little knowledge of the rights and obligations involved as in marriages. Matrimonial law and divorce law, best to get information from the divorce lawyer beforehand.

Matrimonial law and divorce law – In situations where you yourself are massively emotionally biased, a companion who empathetically and factually ensures your legal protection is of utmost importance.

We advise you on all legal issues relating to marriage and divorce and draw up marriage pacts with you entirely according to your wishes.

In the event of divorce, we will accompany you through all the necessary steps and work towards amicable and fair arrangements for all parties involved, especially for the children. If necessary, however, we will also ensure that your interests are protected in court.

"If love reigned on earth, all laws would be dispensable..."


When should you contact the divorce lawyer?

As soon as you are clear that you want a divorce, you should consider taking legal advice. This way you can minimise risks and avoid unnecessary costs.

Even in cases where you are forced by your partner to maintain the marital relationship or you are worried about the custody of your joint children, you are in the right place with us.

Depending on whether you are seeking an amicable divorce or a contested divorce, an appropriate initial consultation will take place. In the initial meeting, essential information is analysed and a solution concept is drawn up.

As an accomplished divorce lawyer, I do not only deal with the divorce process itself. I will also advise you extensively on issues that concern you after the divorce and will be happy to be your contact for the enforcement and determination of the amount of alimony claims.

Here, too, we do not leave you alone.

Feel free to contact us today. We will certainly find a suitable solution.

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