Legal Actions and Court

You want to sue or have been sued? A good legal representation will help you to realistically assess the situation and act properly.

The decision to initiate legal action against someone is difficult for most people. The main reasons are of an emotional nature as well as ignorance about what options are available to enforce their own claims. Solicitor support is a very effective means to give your interests emphasis and move the other party to give in. Going to court is not even necessary in most cases.

Should you on the other hand receive claims, a threat of legal action or court summons, a competent legal counsel not only represents a great emotional support, but also helps you in particular to make a realistic assessment of the situation and save time, money and nerves.

JM Solicitors will represent your interests.

First of all we will inform you about criminal and judicial procedures and the next steps you can expect or take yourself. The more information you give us, the better we can assess your situation and your chances and so plan the next steps with you.

We will also advise you on possibilities of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration opinions or proceedings for the preservation of evidence.

In case of proceedings, we will represent you in court. Tactical skills, a good estimate of the opposing party and a rapid grasp of situations are our strong points that allow us to safeguard your rights and enforce them.