Good contracts are like a preventive vaccination: they prevent disputes and will safeguard you if the need for protection arises.

Some disputes are unavoidable but most are based on vague agreements and misunderstandings that could easily have been avoided ahead of time through a review by a neutral party.

It is often the supposed small things like deadlines, liability exclusions and place of jurisdiction, which make for additional costs and expenses in the subsequent enforcement of the law.

Clear contracts are the most proven means to protect oneself from the inconvenience of a lengthy legal dispute. They not only safeguard your property and your assets, but above all avoid trouble, time and shattered relationships with business and life partners. Good contracts are an investment that pays off in any case.

JM Solicitors draw up reliable, secure contracts.

Contract drafting requires in-depth legal knowledge and empathy. The requirements are diverse and each situation requires its own solutions. Existing constructions must be continuously adapted to the needs and expectations of the contracting parties.

In all areas of life – both personal and professional – you can protect your interests through legally binding agreements with partners, employees, landlords.

We draw up contracts for you or check contracts of the other party. We advise you on your legal options and can help you unerringly and precisely with our knowledge of the delicate and frequently disputed points in the various fields of law.