It is a special challenge to successfully start, take over or manage a business. A competent legal partner will relieve the pressure.

Many passionate entrepreneurs put their heart and soul into the establishment and running of their business for a long time. In order to prevent this success from falling short due to legal errors, preventive safeguarding and continuous legal assistance are essential.

Especially when starting a business, the course for the future is set and it is important – especially if several people are involved – to weight the respective contributions of ideas, labour and capital and to establish the rights and obligations accordingly.

In a running enterprise, a reliable partner in legal matters facilitates your everyday life, gives you security when you take your decisions and covers your back so that you can focus on your business activities.

JM Solicitors is the legal companion of your company.

Our goal is to proactively support you in your everyday corporate life. This means that we not only solve pressing problems for you, but also help you to avoid them in advance.

We create a legally sound basis for your business, which not only includes liabilities and contract design but also brand protection, compliance policies and Terms and Conditions. Thanks to our years of experience in corporate and commercial law, we are also able to take associative rights issues into account and process orders in a rapid and comprehensive manner.

If necessary, we ensure successful enforcement of your claims before courts and authorities, with debtors and shareholders.