Real Estate

Whether as a private person, as an entrepreneur or investor, tenant or owner, good planning and clear contracts provide you with security.

Real estate is a key component in the life of every human being. How we dwell, live and work is critical to our quality of life, in which we constantly invest a substantial portion of our assets, our time and our energy. Therefore, disputes about real estate property have a great effect on the essential needs for security and well-being and often pose a great emotional strain.

Long-term planning and competent contract design are therefore a worthwhile investment in all real estate matters, whether rental, purchase, sale or construction projects are concerned .

JM Solicitors is the premier address for any questions on real estate law.

From the outset, a major focus of our work is on real estate law. Thanks to our many years of extensive experience, we can also take associative fields of law into consideration in the resolution of your issues and the drawing up of contracts, such as family and inheritance, property, tax and construction law.

We make sure that you know your rights and opportunities and are able to make informed decisions that you will be happy with for a long time.

We represent property managers, owners, tenants and landlords, developers, investors, home builders and construction companies in the drafting of contracts and in litigation.