Marriage and Divorce

In no other area of life are contracts entered into so frequently and with so little knowledge of the rights and obligations associated with them as with marriages. Better to inform yourself in advance.

Of course, during the wedding preparations, no one wants to consider the idea that their planned marriage could someday go to pieces . Many people also fear that the partner could interpret one’s desire to have legal protection as a lack of trust in the relationship.

However, to learn about the rights and obligations of marriage and divorce gives both sides an opportunity to become aware of their own ideas and desires and to make joint arrangements for the marital and post-marital living conditions in a marriage pact.

In the case of a divorce, the most important rules about alimony and property division will have been already established, which provides immense emotional and economic relief in already trying times.

JM Solicitors is your legal support in good and in bad times.

A companion that provides insightful and practical assistance for your legal protection is of paramount importance in situations when one is emotionally caught up.

We provide advice on all legal matters relating to marriage and divorce and draw up your marriage pacts according to your wishes.

In case of a divorce, we will accompany you through all necessary steps and commit ourselves to amicable and fair arrangements for everybody involved, especially for the children. But if necessary, we will also ensure the protection of your interests in court.